Playbook names and labels

ARA allows users to specify playbook names and labels in order to better distinguish playbooks run in different environments or for different purposes.

Once your playbooks have names and labels, the API allows you to easily search for them, for example:

  • /api/v1/playbooks?name=<playbook_name>
  • /api/v1/playbooks?label=<label_name>

Names and labels are set as regular Ansible variables:

  • ara_playbook_name
  • ara_playbook_labels

These variables are picked up by ARA at the beginning of a play and can be provided directly in your playbook file:

- name: Deploy dev environment
  hosts: dev
    ara_playbook_name: deploy-dev
        - deploy
        - dev
    - application

Or as extra-vars:

ansible-playbook -i hosts playbook.yaml \
    -e ara_playbook_name=deploy-dev \
    -e ara_playbook_labels=deploy,dev

Default labels

If necessary, ARA can be configured to set one or more labels on every recorded playbook by default.

This can be done either through an ansible.cfg file like so:

# ...
default_labels = first_label,second_label

or through the ARA_DEFAULT_LABELS environment variable:

export ARA_DEFAULT_LABELS=first_label,second_label